The secret of not having Souad Hosni, despite her marriage 5 times .. You will not believe the reason!


Soad Hosni was one of the most famous stars of Arab cinema during the sixties, seventies and eighties of the last century, and she appeared in different roles and entered the hearts of viewers in all Arab countries.

Soad Hosni started her artistic career since her childhood through the children’s radio program “Baba Sharo”.


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Then she entered the world of cinema and acting through a family friend, the late poet and writer Abdel Rahman Al-Khamisi.

Al-Khamisi introduced her to the art world by participating in the play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare, and she played the role of Ophelia in it, and that was the starting point for the world of cinema. Director Henri Barakat nominated her for the movie “Hassan wa Naima”, in which she played the title role.

Soad Hosni is considered one of the most famous actresses in Egypt and the Arab world. She was nicknamed “Cinderella of the Arab Screen”, in the celebration of the centenary of Egyptian cinema in 1996. She ranked second in the poll of the best actress in the twentieth century, and critics chose eight films from her starring in the list of the best hundred Egyptian films to become so The actress is the record holder in partnership with Faten Hamama.

During her lifetime, Souad married five times, her first marriage, which was an unproven customary, to Abdel Halim Hafez, who was raised by some of her family and those close to her.

A year after her separation from Abdel Halim, Souad married photographer and director Salah Karim for about two years, when they divorced in 1968.

Then she married Ali Badrakhan, son of director Ahmed Badrakhan, in 1970, and her marriage to him lasted for eleven years, until they separated in 1981, and then in the same year, she married Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, son of Laila Murad.

Her last marriage was in 1987 to screenwriter Maher Awad, who died while she was in his custody. Despite her many marriages, she never wore a wedding dress in any of them, nor did she have any son or daughter.

Her sister Janjah responded to the claim of the Lebanese director, Sherif Waheed, “that Souad Hosni was suffering from a uterine disease that prevented her from having children, and this statement is among his lies, because the late woman did not have any diseases or problems that prevent her from having children, as evidenced by the fact that she became pregnant twice from her director husband.” Ali Badrakhan, one of them was while filming the movie “Shafiqa and Metwally”, but the pregnancy did not complete the three months because she was subjected to severe stress as a result of her insistence on completing filming the movie, and her refusal to take a break, because Souad was madly in love with her art, and put herself under great pressure for work. And art, and for that, she was deprived of procreation.”

Soad Hosni died on June 20, 2001, when she fell from the sixth floor, and some suggested that she had committed suicide, and others suggested that she had been killed.

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