The star Yousra; She breaks her silence and boldly reveals to her current husband and confesses about the man she wished to have sex with and who refused to even look at her! Interesting details


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The artist, Yousra, is considered the most frequent companion of the leader, Adel Imam, among the actresses of his time, and she has collected dozens of films, series and others with him.


The artist said during a television interview, “The most beautiful thing about Adel Imam is the scenes working with him. He used to make the scenes happy and get to know everyone present. He is a beautiful and light-blooded person.”

In the following lines, “Here” presents the relationship of leader Adel Imam and artist Yousra.

And the artist, Yousra, had previously spoken, during her program with the famous doll “Abla Fahita”, in her “Duplex” program broadcast on the “ON” satellite channel, about her relationship with the leader, saying,

“I succeeded by appearing with Adel Imam, and he is the only artist who agreed to have his name written before me. Adel Imam is the only artist who, if he had asked to marry me, I would not have been able to refuse him… Adel Imam, if he had proposed to me, I would have rejected him and I would have married him.”

The artist continued to talk about the leader, “He explained and made people happy all the time, laughing and joking, and he loved Farfasha, his blood is light and his love is sweet.”

And Yusra Fadel Adel Imam has previously described her: “I embraced the world through Adel Imam, and the duet that we did is still alive, and we did 17 films together, and there is chemistry between us in all the films, and when I look at him I feel relaxed and happy, and he makes me act in a mood.”

And the artist Yousra added, during her talk about the leader, saying, “Adel Imam is a great Arab artistic stature, as he carried the banner of art over his shoulder for 50 years, and he carried us too and carried our concerns,

We have collaborated in many films such as Al-Ans and Jinn, Kracon on the Street, Bobos, Birds of Darkness, Warm Winter’s Night, Message to the Governor, Terror and Kebab, and others.”


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