The strangest herbs and their benefits from Matrouh.. Attar reveals the secret of citizens’ demand for them (Live)


The Seventh Day TV presented a live broadcast and a meeting with one of the famous herbalists and herbalists in Matrouh, who makes recipes from herbs for the treatment of many diverse diseases, and also provides herbs for the research center, during the spring, according to the needs of the researchers in the center for the types of desert medicinal herbs, who They contact him constantly for his expertise in the field of herbs.

Jamal Al-Attar confirmed that he inherited the profession of perfumers and medicinal herbs from his grandfathers, and that he has been working in this field since his childhood, and has great experience in making herbal recipes, to treat many diseases, noting that most modern medical medicines are manufactured from herbs.

Al-Attar indicated that he sells many recipes and herbal mixtures, to treat various diseases, including cough, diabetes, hemorrhoids, kidney disease, urinary tract, and pressure diseases, in addition to the presence of herbs for slimming, such as moringa, and recipes for the treatment of prostate enlargement, and others.

There are also many desert environment products in Matrouh, such as olive oil, which is very useful in cleaning blood vessels and reducing triglycerides, and mountain barley that is drenched to treat kidney and urinary tract diseases, and expel stones, stressing that all recipes are natural and herbal and do not pose any harm, And that herbs are the main source of medicines in all countries.

Gamal Al-Attar pointed out that the season of collecting desert medicinal herbs is during the month of April, after the end of the winter season and the fall of rain, adding that researchers at the Research Center in Cairo use him for his expertise, every year, to provide the types of desert herbs they need, to conduct research. And studies on it, and this is done through trips in the desert, especially places known for experience, where weeds grow on rainwater.

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