The tragedy of an Iraqi girl…death is chasing her in an icy forest


Poland closed the area along its border with Belarus In front of foreigners as part of its efforts to deport thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa who have traveled to Belarus in the hope of crossing to the territory of European Union.

and accuse European Union Belarus brought them by air to its territory and then pushed them to enter Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in response to the sanctions imposed by the bloc on Minsk for human rights violations.

On Wednesday, humanitarian organizations reported that the Iraqi girl, Eileen, was separated from her parents after they crossed the border into Poland on Monday night.

The organizations explained that the parents handed their daughter over to another immigrant when the Polish border guards approached them and pushed them back to Belarus, and that the girl was last seen accompanied by that immigrant near the village of Nowy Dor Polish border.

“This child is either already dead or will die very soon. The most exciting thing is that if she was a Polish child, the whole country would be looking for her,” said Kasia Kosiceza of the charity Families Without Borders.

She added: “The search must start as soon as possible. Chances are dwindling, the night is back again and the temperatures will start to drop. So if we want to save it, it must happen immediately.”

said Anna Michalska, a spokeswoman Polish border guards Security personnel began searching for the girl as soon as they received information that she was missing around midday on Tuesday.

She added: “Additional patrols were directed to the area where the girl is supposed to be. We also searched from the air using helicopters, but we did not find anyone.”

International organizations accuse Poland’s right-wing government of violating humanitarian standards by forcing some migrants back to Belarus, a charge Warsaw denies.

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