The villain of Egyptian cinema.. A slap caused him not to see his only son for the rest of his life


Adel Adham was known for his love for women, and his wit was drawing him closer to them, and his truth was the opposite of what appears to us on the screen. He was a simple and calm person.

He used to frequent the Greek club, and there he met a Greek woman, whom he loved, and the story of Jeb grew up among them, and she agreed to marry him.


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Adel Adham had bad luck in his previous marriages, and God did not bless him with children, and this had a bad effect on him, and this is the reason for what we saw on the screen that he was a different person from his nature besides his talent for sure.

Adel Adham married from the Greek dam and he was in full happiness and was a big star at the time and lived a fairly stable life, then several problems occurred to him that made him a irritable and irritable person and the dispute between him and his wife intensified until one day she was slapped by him in a humiliating manner.

Adel Adham did not know that it was the end with his wife, as he thinks that it is a leech that misses and no one dies, but she did not pass this behavior unnoticed, she prepared herself and decided inside her that she would return to her country without knowing her husband, “Adel Adham.”

Adel Adham woke up one day to find his wife had left him and returned to her country and he went to file a report against her, then ignored the matter after that. And Adham did not know that his wife left him while she was pregnant with him in the third month.

And after many years of up to 25 years, his wife’s friend called him and reminded him of her and said to him a text: Your wife left you and she was pregnant with you while he was a boy and he looks like you as if you are completely.

The deceased went insane, as if the entire world revolved around him, and he did not know this was a dream or a reality.

He overcame his feeling of regret and the shock he received and decided to go to see his only son, and indeed he traveled to Greece and there he met his wife, who was still in his custody and did not divorce her, and she was married to a Greek man who raised his son and opened his own business for him and it was a large restaurant.

Adel Adham had only one sentence: “I want to see my son” that looks like me? Exactly like?, and his wife told him that it was a wrong decision to see his son and tell him that he is his father after all these years.

But her Greek husband was with Adel Adham’s opinion and described to him the way to the restaurant and said that he had the right to see his only son

Only a few minutes passed and Adel Adham was inside his son’s restaurant and asked those present to the owner of the restaurant and came to him, and here was the shock for Adel Adham, where he said: A copy of me and I am a young man of the same height and shape. Even the hairstyle is not really possible. This is my son and even me.

He rushed towards him, but the young man pushed him quickly and asked him who he was, and he replied, “Adham,” I am your father and you are my son. The young man laughed and said to him: Are you my father? Does the father leave his son all these years? My father is my stepfather who raised me and opened this business for me, now I hate you so much, and please I don’t want to see you again here.

And Adham returned from this trip, dragging his sorrows with him and his trapped tears inside him to end his hopes that his son would live with him for the remainder of his life in this life. His end was tragic while he was on his deathbed. He wished to see his son and this did not happen. He was asking for it knowing that it was impossible, but he only said it because he wished for it. May God have mercy on this great artist.

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