This artist easily declared her hostility to Islam and her husband is a Jewish billionaire and her sister is a famous artist who immigrated to Israel and her end was ugly .. Who do you expect it to be?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Serena Ibrahim is one of the old artists, and she is the older sister of the star Rakia Ibrahim. 


Serena Ibrahim was born in Cairo Governorate on June 3, 1888 to a Jewish family.

Then it moved to the Salama Hijazi band, and from there to the Salim Atallah band 1910, the Hijazi band, then the George Abyad band 1920, and the Fatima Rushdi band.

Then she moved to Youssef Wehbe’s band in 1928 immediately after its establishment, then the Amin Atta band in 1925, the Egypt band in 1930, the Actors Union band in 1934, and the Egyptian band in 1935, and after this long series of moves between bands and theaters, Serena became a professional actor.
She performed in many plays and participated in different groups before 1935.

Among the most famous of these plays are “The Martyrs of Love,” “The Victim of the Ghost,” “The Famous Case,” “The Fan,” “Louis XI,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Ghada Al Kamalia,” “Sultan Abdul Hamid,” “The Titans,” “Awlad.” The Poor”, “People of the Cave”, “The Day of Resurrection”, “Aziza and Yunus”, “Father Lebonar”, and “The Woman’s Crown”.

She participated in the cinema with only 11 works, the most prominent of which were “Dinars”, “The Workshop”, “Laila”, “All but this”, “Valley of the Stars”, “My daughter”, “The Mask of Concealment” and “The Apple Seller”, and among her most famous songs. “Safar Habibi,” and one of her most successful films is “The Mask of Confidence,” but not the version starring Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

Serena married a wealthy Jew named “Salem Mizrahi”, and lived with him in Alexandria Governorate until 1954, and suddenly disappeared with her billionaire husband,

After he sold all his property in Egypt and decided to leave for “Israel”, and when he entered the Israeli lands and during her happiness over the money she put with her in the car, suddenly the car flipped over the mountain, and it caught fire in a strange and intense way that everyone who witnessed the incident did not understand.

Where after the fire was extinguished, they were devoured by the fire and all their money and property, and no one knew their identity except from a car that was behind them from their Jewish friends who immigrated with them.


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