This artist married Umm Kulthum “customarily” and described his relationship with her as “torment”, and she took revenge on him in an incredible way!


The great musician Mahmoud Al-Sharif is considered one of the pillars of art, and he left an indelible trace of his immortal works, among the most prominent of what he presented “Ramadan Jana”, “3 Salamat”, “Helou and Kaddab”, and others.

Despite his artistic success, he did not get his due and was not under the spotlight, because of the love relationship that brought him together with the planet of the East, Umm Kulthum, and caused his life to be disturbed.

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Coinciding with this occasion, we communicated with the critic Tariq Al-Shennawi, who knows Al-Sharif well and was close enough to him to tell us more details about the life of the late creator.


Al-Shennawi said that he remembered the first meeting between them, when he went to him at the beginning of his work in the field of journalism in Rose Al-Youssef newspaper, in his apartment in Bab Al-Louk, stressing that he was distinguished by great self-esteem, adding: “Although he went through very difficult circumstances, as he went through Many days, especially in the eighties, he did not have the rent of the apartment, and at that time it was only 10 pounds, but he did not sell his tune to earn two pennies.”

The story of his love for the planet East

Al-Shennawi narrated the details of the love story that brought Umm Kulthum and Sharif together, saying: “Om Kulthum was once in the office of Muhammad Fathi, the presenter of her concerts before the 1952 revolution, and I heard the song (You ask me for your love), which was the reason for the fame of the singer Muhammad Abdul Muttalib, She liked the melody and expected that it belonged to the musician of generations, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, but Fathi told her that the melody was for Mahmoud Al-Sharif, and then she got to know him and the love story began.

The engagement of Umm Kulthum and Sharif

Al-Shennawy continued: “In 1946, the newspapers came out with the articles of Umm Kulthum’s engagement to Mahmoud Al-Sharif, but not a week passed since that engagement until Mustafa Amin came out with a main article describing the engagement as a funeral of love, and it was stated in his article that the duo separated because Umm Kulthum did not know that he was married, And she said, “I can’t build my happiness on another one,” noting that the Sharif assured me of Umm Kulthum’s knowledge of his marriage.

The fact of their common-law marriage

And about the fact that Umm Kulthum and Sharif were married in a customary manner, Al-Shennawi said that the love story ended with an announced engagement, and the marriage took place between them without announcing it: “Umm Kulthum refused to officially announce the marriage, but he is the only one who told about it to Mahmoud and what he wants.”

Me and the torment and Umm Kulthum

And about the reason for Al-Shennawi’s dealing with Umm Kulthum and Sharif’s relationship in a book called Anna, Torment and Umm Kulthum, El-Shinnawi justified this by saying: “Because Mahmoud El-Sharif saw that this relationship caused his torment and it was not a paradise, because if she had not married him, she would have sung to him, so that he was The national peace of Egypt in 1960 was supposed to be the anthem “God is Great” composed by Mahmoud Al-Sharif, but as a result of pressure exerted by Umm Kulthum, who has a good relationship with President Gamal Abdel Nasser, God has long been chosen, my weapon, to become the national anthem, so I saw that this title is the most appropriate for my life Mahmoud Sharif.

his death

On July 29, 1990, the great musician left our world, after an artistic career that immortalized his name among the ranks of Arab music.

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