This great Egyptian officer and artist; Who married Mervat Amin and Suhair Ramzy and loved Yousra madly and almost married her.. You won’t believe who he is! a witness


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Egyptian artist Mahmoud Kabil was not lucky in his personal life. He fell in love more than once and got married, but his marriages ended in failure.


Mahmoud married the artist Suhair Ramzy for a short period, but this marriage failed and ended quickly, and Suhair said in an interview with her some time ago that she regretted this marriage and considered it a mistake.

Mahmoud also married the artist Mervat Amin, and Mahmoud says that he loved Mervat very much, and he wished to live with her all his life, but the share made their marriage end in failure, and it was said at the time that Mahmoud’s jealousy was the reason.

The Egyptian Mahmoud Kabil admitted some time ago that he fell in love with the artist Yousra before she got married, but he did not reveal his feelings to her, and confirmed that he wished to marry her.

Information about Mahmoud Kabil
1- Mahmoud Kabil was born in Cairo Governorate in 1946, but he grew up in Alexandria and was ranked third among his brothers. He graduated from the Lycee schools.

Then he joined the Military College and participated in the 1967 war. His role was to work in reconnaissance units behind enemy lines, and he was among a group that contributed to collecting information on the basis of which the plan to destroy the Bar Lev Line was developed

He also participated in the war of attrition and was wounded several times during the military operations, and this injury prevented him from participating in the October 6 war.

2- Mahmoud Kabil began his artistic career by participating in the movie Al-Asfoor with Salah Kabil and Mohsina Tawfiq in 1972, then participated in the films “Wonderful O Time”, Love in the Rain, Enough with Me, Heart, All in Fire, Judge, Executioner and Damned

Then he was cut off from art for a while and traveled to the United States of America, and returned to Cairo in 1994 to complete his artistic career, and the beginning was after returning with a movie “Cheap Meat”, then a movie “Penalty Kick” in 1995,

To begin a series of works, the most prominent of which were Garden City, Mushrooms, The Heart Sometimes Wrong, Lace, Mad Life, Planet East and other works.

3- Cain married the artist Suhair Ramzy for a short period, then the separation occurred between them after only 7 months, and it was said that the reasons were due to the existence of vast differences between their thinking, then he married his current wife, from whom Ibrahim and Ahmed had children.

4- Cain was attacked after traveling to Israel after the Camp David Accords, which prompted him to travel to America and reside there for 12 years,

But he replied, saying in televised statements: “In the late seventies, I owned with a partner a tourism company, the company that obtained the agency of the first flight route between Cairo and Tel Aviv after the peace agreement was signed.

We traveled to Tel Aviv to inaugurate the air line, and when we returned, we learned that Radio Monte Carlo broadcast the names of those who had traveled to Israel, and my name was among them, as he was on a black list.

5- He was chosen by the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” to assume the position of Goodwill Ambassador in the Middle East in 2003, and he had great efforts in caring for children and supporting campaigns to combat diseases and against preventing girls from education.

He considered this assignment the most important achievement in his life, saying: “I learned a lot from this experience, in addition to the person’s feeling that it is of “necessary” importance in life, and I was sure that art and the media have an important role in combating problems, whether local or national.”

During his work with UNICEF
6- Cain was running a family investment project during his stay in America, which consisted of a citrus farm, about which he said: “A very useful experience, but unfortunately I left the project management to my brother so that I could devote myself to my artistic and developmental work.”



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