Ukraine.. President Zelensky’s wife angers Ukrainians with one phrase


Ukraine.. President Zelensky's wife angers Ukrainians with one phrase

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena

Elena Zelensky, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, angered her citizens by announcing on a culinary program that she was buying mackerel at 8 hryvnias per kilogram, at many times that.

She said in an interview with the “1 + 1” TV channel: “Even by giving up useless products, we are already saving.. The first rule is the simplest, we cooked it ourselves and bought simple, unprocessed foods ourselves.. Frozen mackerel, from which you can make many wonderful dishes, costs only eight hryvnias per kilogram.”

Zelensky later apologized for her mistake, and explained on her Instagram page that she “indicated the price of 100 grams of fish.”

Her comments angered netizens because of her isolation from ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

For his part, Yuri Gresko, one of the pioneers of the communication sites, asked: “Elena, tell me where you bought it at eight hrivnes per kilogram? The recipe is very simple… you take a dollar at 8 and buy mackerel at 8. But only simple, unprocessed mackerel.”

Another added: “Mrs. Zelensky, when I went shopping for the last time, mackerel was eight hrirfs… Isn’t that clear to everyone who listened to her?”

A third continued, “It is completely indifferent whether she knows or not… The problem is that they view their constituents as absolute waste, instead of honestly saying… I am an officially rich person, I pay all taxes, my assistant deals with food, and I don’t know the prices.” …they go out into the world and cheat you that they know everything, because they think people are stupid.”

Source: “Novosti”

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