Very exciting details.. The army of an Arab country intervenes as a whole to prevent the movie Cinderella (Souad Hosni) from showing and spreading?!


Soad Hosni embodied the character of an Afghan girl in the movie “Afghanistan Why?”, directed by Abdullah Al-Misbahi. That girl contributes to the resistance and defies the Soviet invasion of her country. “Cinderella” was prevented from participating in the 84 Moscow International Film Festival because of her participation in this film.


Funding for the film came from some wealthy Saudis, and filming has already begun in the city of “Tetouan” in Morocco, and 70% of the scenes have been filmed, leaving only battle scenes that rely on heavy weapons, tanks and army trucks, but the Moroccan army refused to use its military mechanisms In the film, filming stopped, and the Saudi financiers revolted and demanded the return of their money, and the filming of the film was completely disrupted.

The Moroccan Film Center also decided to withdraw the work permit of director Abdullah Al-Misbahi and close his cinematographic company, in addition to seizing the parts that were filmed from the film and banning its showing.

In 2005, “Al-Misbahi” tried to revive the film and announced the start of filming the second part, although he did not show the first part, and in 2013 he announced that his old movie would see the light, stressing that the circumstances and circumstances that had prevented him throughout these years are gone and no longer have. Presence, and explained that he had filmed new scenes to add to the film, and made fundamental modifications to the events of the film to be in line with the changes that the world had witnessed since the eighties.

But the film did not appear, despite the filming of new scenes, which raised the total budget spent on the film on both occasions to 25 million dollars, until Al-Misbahi died on September 16, 2016, without showing the film.

The movie “Afghanistan Why” directed by Abdullah Al-Misbahi, Director of Photography Abdulaziz Fahmy, in which “Cinderella” embodied the character of an Afghan girl, and it revolves around the story of a professor at Kabul University who opposes the Soviet invasion, and leads a group of citizens from Kabul to Peshawar on the border with Pakistan.

On their way, the university professor publishes his call to confront the occupation. Within a short period, thousands join those who decided to defy the Soviets and expel them from Afghanistan, but soon disputes erupt among the Afghans themselves. The American intelligence penetration of these Afghan resistance groups until it eventually became a game in their hands.


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