Video of the president’s shadow..Biden’s guard preoccupies the minds of millions of Americans


And spread on the application of short videos “Tik Tok” a video entitled “Forget about the president. The guard in the Secret Service looks fine.”

The video, which received about 3 million viewers and garnered more than 300,000 likes, shows the bodyguard while he is with the president Biden in state Massachusetts.

Biden was in Massachusetts, about two weeks ago, for the Thanksgiving holiday, when he was seen shopping on the island of Nantucket with a number of his grandchildren, prompting crowds to gather at the place to see the president.

There he monitored the guard, who was described by some as “handsome” and others likened him to the famous actor Tom CruiseEspecially in his famous movie “Top Gun”.

The New York Post reported that the residents who came to the scene were not only eager to see the president, but that many of them appeared to be interested in seeing the guard.

The guard, who wore black sunglasses and a long coat, was in charge of, with other members of the Secret Service, guarding the president in the presence of crowds in the ocean, while the identity of this guard is not yet known.

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