Virologist determines the number of antibodies needed to neutralize the “Omicron” mutant


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Virologist determines the number of antibodies needed to neutralize a mutant


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Giorgio Palo, an Italian virologist, announced that to suppress the “Omicron” mutant, the number of antibodies in the body must be times what is needed to neutralize the Wuhan version of the emerging coronavirus.

And Palo notes, in an interview with Corriere della Sera newspaper, that “some unpublished studies indicate that stopping the spread of the new virus requires 10 to 40 times more antibodies compared to what is required to neutralize the original strain.”

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He adds, the “Omicron” mutant can bypass the antibodies that arose after receiving two doses of vaccination, and even those that arose after recovering from the disease.

According to him, it is possible to talk about the effectiveness of the vaccine against the emerging coronavirus only after the third dose. But there is little difference. He pointed out that “we should not think that the necessity of re-vaccination is evidence of the failure of the vaccines used to combat the emerging coronavirus.”

According to him, experts cannot determine the severity of the disease caused by the “Omicron” mutant compared to “Delta”.

“The experience of South Africa, which had to determine this, is not enough,” he says. “The age of the South African population is younger than the age of the European population, the vaccination rate is low, about 25 percent, and currently it is the summer season in the southern hemisphere.”

According to Professor Roberto Cauda, ​​an infectious disease specialist at Gemelli Hospital in Rome, the “Omicron” mutant can be curbed by normal methods and means – continuing to wear masks and gloves and adhering to social distance.

He adds, the vaccination frequency must be increased, although 85 percent of the Italian adult population has been vaccinated, but it is necessary to vaccinate them with the third dose.

Source: RIA Novosti + “Izvestia” newspaper

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