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© Alpha Footage – Giant corporations or financial institutions are constantly disclosing their intent to take measures that will give digital currencies more adoption and get a foothold.

After a bold decision was made by Visa (NYSE:) last March, when the financial services company Visa said that it would allow the use of the digital currency “USDC”, to settle transactions on its network.. Visa made this new decision.

More adoption

Visa, the world’s largest electronic payments company, announced that it is forming a new advisory unit focused on helping customers make the decision to invest in digital currencies.

Visa said in a statement that the unit will be located within the company’s broader advisory and analytics division, which provides advisory services related to payments.

Visa added that the move comes amid a growing demand from companies for guidance on how to deal with digital currencies, stablecoins, and even non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Nicolas Blekas, crypto entrepreneur in Europe at Visa, said the company will offer a range of advice, from studying the impact of key trends within the sector to developing strategies for entering the market.

Blekas said that Visa has been selling advisory services to companies interested in cryptocurrency for some time, but has formalized the new crypto unit in response to growing customer demand.

Visa is currently working with 60 crypto platforms globally, as well as investing in startups and even acquiring CryptoPunk NFT.


Alongside the new advisory unit, Visa has unveiled the results of a survey of more than 6,000 financial decision makers in eight markets.

Key findings from the survey indicate that awareness of cryptocurrencies among this group is now 94%.

Survey results revealed that nearly one in three who have some awareness of cryptocurrency already owns or uses them.

While the Visa survey revealed that about 62% of that group surveyed said their usage had increased in the past year.

market now

And digital currencies succeeded in reducing some of their declines during the past two hours, after market losses rose to nearly 100 billion.

And it reduced its decline after it approached 5%, but it is still below the levels of 50 thousand dollars, as it is trading at levels of 49.1 thousand dollars.

In the same context, Ethereum reduced its losses, which exceeded 4% earlier, to 1.8%, down to the levels of $4.26 thousand.

Panama Binance Coin is close to compensating all of its losses, which amounted to about 6%, as it retreated during those moments by less than 1%, down to levels of $575.

Losses decreased from 8% to 5% during today’s trading, down to levels of $187, while declining 4% at levels of $1.37.

On the other hand, Polka Dot is falling by less than 1%, to the levels of $0.81 and $28.7, respectively, for both of them.

The market is waiting

Data from Arcane Research shows that the Fear and Greed Index has been oscillating with the price of the large cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

This measure remained at “fear” levels until Friday’s crash when it plunged further into “extreme fear”, culminating with the price crash last Saturday.

The cryptocurrency market is eagerly awaiting an emergency meeting called by the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee today, December 8.

Maxine Waters, chair of the House Committee on Financial Services, said several CEOs of major US crypto companies will be speaking at a hearing to discuss digital assets and the future of finance.

Coins at risk:

When does gold stop falling?

The article does not express a recommendation or nomination, but rather a mere monitoring of market fluctuations, as trading in digital currencies involves high risks, including the risk of losing some or all of the investment amount, knowing that it is not completely subject to financial authorities and markets.


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