Washington: Biden has not made any “concessions” to Putin on his requests


Sullivan said, after talks with President America And Russia, that Putin will speak with the Ukrainian president on Thursday, adding that Biden told the Russian president, “We will provide additional defense equipment to the Ukrainians.”

While we are keen to maintain the diplomatic track, we are working on alternative plans to respond to any Russian escalation.”

The US official explained that Biden He did not make any “commitments or concessions” to Putin regarding his requests, noting that the two presidents agreed.The two countries teams will continue their discussions on several issues.”

On Tuesday, Biden and Putin held talks via video technology, which dealt with a number of issues, most notably the situation in the Middle East Ukraine.

According to the White House, Biden has threatened economic sanctions and other strong measures against Russia in the event of a military escalation.

وقال White House: “The talks between Biden and Putin dealt with strategic stability and joint action on regional issues.”

For its part, the Kremlin said that the talks between Putin and Biden were frank and based on interests, adding that “issues related to the internal Ukrainian crisis were the main topic of the talks.”

And he continued, “Putin informed Biden of Kiev’s unconstructive position regarding the settlement in eastern Ukraine,” noting that the Russian president had told his American counterpart “that it was a mistake to hold him accountable.” Russia Full responsibility for the current tension.”

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