Watch.. Asala sings with her four children on stage


Asalas four sons, their mother, participated in singing during her last concert in Egypt. The eldest daughter of Asala Sham Al-Dhahabi published a video clip from her mother’s concert, which took place on Tuesday, and they sing “60 Minutes of Life”.

In addition, Asala appeared in the video alongside her four children: Sham, Khaled, and the twins Adam, Ali, singing “60 Minutes of Life”, and Sham seemed very interactive with the audience, while Khaled was keen to embrace his brother.

Followers and a number of celebrities interacted with the video, including the Syrian artist Kinda Alloush, and everyone praised the Asala family, which always proves its interdependence, as the Syrian artist is keen to keep her children around her on occasions, and to be there for them.

The artist, Asala Nasri, is experiencing a period of artistic activity, as she recently performed a group of concerts, including a concert on the Night of Prisoner of Longing, within the Riyadh season, alongside Muhammad Abdo and Majed Al-Muhandis, on November 26 last.

She also performed a concert on November 29 in the city of Sharjah in the UAE, as part of the Khorfakkan concert season, and Asala had longed her audience for this concert, through a tweet in which she said: “We missed the parties and we missed you! On October 29, let’s open together the season of Khorfakkan concerts and watch the most beautiful cultural and artistic edifice in the Emirates.”

On the personal level, Nasri is currently living in emotional stability after her association with the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, who appears by her side on many occasions, and does not miss an opportunity to express his great love for her.

It is noteworthy that Nasri officially announced her marriage to Faeq Hassan, through her personal account on Instagram, after leaking photos of their gathering, which was confirmed by the latter in his romantic responses.


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