Watch the horrors caused by the tsunami of smoke and ash in the largest Islamic country


A tsunami of smoke vomited out by an Indonesian volcano occurred, attached from Saturday to Monday with ash whose columns, some 12,000 meters high, were killed in the air, killing 15 residents of the island of “Java”, where the capital is Jakarta, in addition to the loss of 27 others, with hundreds injured, with The destruction of villages and towns adjacent to the Semeru volcano, which swept away with its lava homes and facilities, especially its burial in the town of “Sombroulu” for cars and trucks used by miners who reside there, to the extent that it appeared as a gray lunar scene in videos and photos broadcast by agencies.

A resident of a village called Kampung Renteng in East Java Province, described to the local media something about the state of panic in its people. He said, according to what had seen, translated, that the sky “suddenly darkened on Saturday, then rain and clouds came.” “Fiery” with the explosion of the volcano, which is considered the highest mountain in the province, and from its explosive summit, torrents of lava rushed and swept away the huts, and forced hundreds of families to flee, without one of them being able to carry the essentials with him.

Almost the same thing, “Reuters” quoted an eyewitness, whose name was not mentioned, but he mentioned that some of those who fled their homes were able to take livestock with them, but they had to move between fallen trees and other obstacles, such as heavy rocks and hot volcanic sediments, while another named Salim. , also a resident of Kampong Renting, that the lava torrent of muck “swept 10 people away, and one of them could have survived when we shouted at him to run, but he said: I don’t want, who will feed my cows?”

Not far from that village, that is, in Sombroulu, where the miners reside, even the roofs of the houses had disappeared under the ashes, mud and dust of the village in a very short time, and near dead cows appeared on the ground. Although some of the animals managed to survive, most became disfigured from lava burns that made rescue operations “too complicated” due to the volunteers’ little experience.

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