Watch the moment the verdict was pronounced on the Ismailia serial killer


“The Seventh Day” presented a live broadcast of the moment the Ismailia Criminal Court issued its decision to refer the papers of the accused Abdel Rahman Nazmi, known as Abdel Rahman Dabour, accused in the Ismailia massacre and known as the “Ismailia butcher,” to the Mufti of the Republic, to express a legitimate opinion on his execution, and a session was set for 5 next January to pronounce the verdict.

she was Ismailia Criminal Court The first, headed by Chancellor Ashraf Muhammad Ali Hussein, and the membership of advisors Walaa Wajdi Taher, Yasser Hosni Madbouly, Ahmed Serry Al-Jamal, and the secretariat, Haitham Omran, was held today, Thursday, to issue its verdict in the third session of the trial of the accused of deliberately killing a citizen, and attempting to kill two others. In the middle of the street in Ismailia,

Last Monday, the Ismailia Criminal Court considered the second session of the trial of the accused of intentionally killing a citizen and attempting to kill two others in the middle of the street in Ismailia.

The court heard the pleading of the Public Prosecution Office, the pleading of the victim, and the testimony of eyewitnesses, and the judge ordered the removal of the accused from the dock. The judge asked him about his perpetration of the incident, but he denied, saying, “Muhsalsh.”

The Ismailia Criminal Court first heard the statements of the representative of the Public Prosecution in the case, Counselor Mustafa Ahmed Zekry, who demanded that the accused be given the maximum penalty for committing 3 crimes, namely killing the victim and attempting to kill two others, and possessing and using a white weapon without legal justification.

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