Watch …. Zainab Fayyad seeks revenge against her mother, Haifa Wehbe, with this act.


Lebanese social activist Zainab Fayyad, his son, Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, has topped the search engines over the past months for controversial reasons that aroused her audience.

In the details, and after the appearance of Haifa Wehbe’s daughter, Zainab Fayyad, inside the operating room for her last cosmetic surgery on her nose, she topped the search engines and gained wide fame in addition to her fame.

After passing the 1 million subscribers through her personal account on the Instagram application, Zainab Fayyad began her quest to gain the love of her new audience, who considered her a miniature version of her mother, Haifa Wehbe, because of the great similarity that occurred to her recently, coinciding with her nose job, as she appeared in her last photo session with a look similar to the looks Her mother is Haifa Wehbe.

On the other hand, Zainab Fayyad recently appeared through her personal account on the Instagram application, with a video clip of her after news was released about her imitation of her mother and her movements, and she spoke through the video that she broadcast via the feature of the “Al-Sturi” comics about the rumors that she pursues and that she does not aspire to fame, but the audience forced her to follow it And his love for her without reason.

It is worth noting that the Lebanese Zainab Fayyad is the only daughter of the artist Haifa Wehbe, born in 1993.



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