What did Salah say about Al-Ahly’s quintet against Zamalek?


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Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, confirmed that talk about the last summit match that Al-Ahly won 5-3 against Zamalek in the Egyptian Premier League last November is sensitive and does not want to interfere.

In response to a question asked by the media, Amr Adib, (which team loses 5 is morally affected?) via MBC Egypt, Salah laughed: “I do not want to interfere in this matter, it is a sensitive topic.”

He added: “I said a need for the national team players, and maybe Al-Ahly will be upset with me, in the end the result is 5-3, but I understand because the result was 5-1, because people had in their minds that the result was very big.”

And Mohamed Salah concluded, saying: “But when I spoke with Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the result was 5-3 in the end, not 5-0 or something, but of course the world was big because the result was only 5.”

On the reasons for Al-Ahly achieving good results, better than Zamalek over the past 10 years, Salah replied: “I do not watch many matches, but Al-Ahly has more stability. The club, I don’t know whether Zamalek is a stable team or not? A generation in the name of Morsi, there are many people who have changed from him, but the change in Al-Ahly is in the narrowest limits with the departure of a player and the arrival of another player in his place.”



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