What does Libya want from international powers? .. 3 urgent demands


According to the United Nations Information Center, the UN mission, in a statement, called on the authorities and institutions to take all necessary steps to ensure that the presidential and parliamentary elections are held as a free, fair, inclusive and credible process without intimidation or prejudice to the security situation.

International demands and warnings before Libyan elections It is scheduled to be held on September 24, and in the midst of this state of demands, the important question arises: What do Libyans want from the international community?

3 urgent demands before the international community towards Libyan crisis; According to Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Yasir, head of the National Security Committee of the outgoing Libyan General National Congress, the international community is called upon to bear responsibility for the country’s destruction over the past years.

Abdel Moneim Al-Yasir said, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that the majority of the Libyan people want the international community to have a real plan to restore the situation to its rightful place. The simple Libyan citizen only wants security, stability and the presence of state institutions.

Securing the elections

“Libya has a clear opportunity to build a stable and prosperous future.” Under this title, the international and active powers gathered in Libyan file, here confirmed the Chairman of the National Security Committee in Libyan General National CongressElections are the only solution to the current impasse and crisis.

On the other hand, Abdulaziz Aqila, a professor of political science at the University of Sirte, said that the international community, especially the United Nations, is required to provide logistical and training support to the Libyan police, which is the body entrusted with overseeing the security of the electoral process.

The professor of political science at the University of Sirte explained, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that the police institution has suffered for 10 years in a weakness in capabilities and training.

In that aspect related to holding the elections, the past days have witnessed European and American assertions and statements about imposing harsh sanctions on any faction inside Libya that works to obstruct the electoral process.

acknowledgment of results

Here the chief emphasized National Security Committee In the outgoing Libyan General National Congress, the process of recognizing the results of the electoral fund is the most important demand from the international community.

Al-Yasir feared that the international community would retreat and make truces with those obstructing the elections, if any, and added that the Libyans are waiting for their country to return to stability and dependence. Penalties and what is the mechanism?

In this context, Abdulaziz Aqeela, professor of political science at the University of Sirte, demanded the necessity of working to create the necessary climate in the coming days on the part of the international community by bringing the views of the political forces closer and adopting a plan with a timetable, which is the post-result stage in order to build state institutions quickly and from Then stability and access to economic recovery.

Aqeela stressed the need to lay foundations also from now on for the media within the Libyan state, which is non-alignment, mobilization and counter-mobilization, and everyone must resort to the electoral fund and what the people choose.

The professor of political science at the University of Sirte stressed that the political equation now in Libya is a “zero” equation, so either it is a winner in the fund or a loser, and the international community must strongly support the winner in order to impose the voice of the people and build institutions.


betting Libyan economy On the road to recovery following the holding of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for next December 24, where the capital, Tripoli, will witness the organization of an international investment conference, under the slogan “Investments towards the South”, which will witness the participation of 500 local and foreign investors, businessmen, company and bank officials.

The conference, which will be held on December 10-12, is expected to attract foreign and domestic investments of about $480 billion.

The previous international political discussions on Libyan crisis Whether the Berlin or Paris conference is to push for foreign investments in the country, Europe also promised to work on developing a plan for the recovery of the Libyan economy after the elections.

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