When is shoulder pain a sign of heart disease?


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Pain in the left shoulder or left arm is many and varied in causes, and although some of them may only be a sign of your natural progress in age, others may indicate serious matters and diseases, especially heart diseases.

In this regard, Dr. Hossam Mowafi, Professor of Critical Care Medicine at Kasr Al-Ainy in Egypt, revealed that a patient who feels pain in the left shoulder with minimal exertion may have symptoms of coronary artery disease.

He explained, during the presentation of the “My Lord Increase Me Knowledge” program, broadcast on Echo Al-Balad channel, on Friday, that the patient who feels shoulder pain with minimal effort must undergo an electrocardiogram, an EKG, with catheterization, and a CT scan of the coronary artery.

Dr. Hossam Wafi said that whoever suffers from pain in the left shoulder, especially with exertion, “the heart is exposed” and a doctor should be consulted, as pains occur in the chest and in the shoulder.

He revealed that the heart pain caused by the coronary artery lasts for a few minutes and does not last for a long period of 5 to 15 minutes, and if the shoulder pain continues for 24 hours, then the patient does not have a heart disease.



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