Who said chess is a “safe” game?! (Video)


Who said chess is a game?


A chess player comically fell from his chair during one of the World Chess Lightning Championships in Warsaw.

Polish chess player Pavel Tiklav was unable, during the confrontation with Armenian player Tigran Petrosyan, to restrain his emotions and fell from his chair.

The chess player did not suffer any serious injuries, but he gained wide fame among the pioneers of social networking sites, after the “comedy incident” video spread on Twitter.

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In a post-match interview, a FIDE spokesperson asked Ticlaf how he felt about the sudden popularity he gained after a video of his downfall went viral on the Internet.

The chess player replied sarcastically: “If they post this video, I deserve a percentage of the profits.”

Ticlaf is 108th with eight points in the world championships.

Source: ru.oxu.az


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