Why did the Egyptian stars refuse to kiss women’s lover, Shukri Sarhan, and what was his reaction?


The artist Shukri Sarhan is a big star in the history of Egyptian cinema. If you take a quick look at the list of the 100 most important films in cinema, you will find that Shukri has the largest share in this list with his films and masterpieces that he presented.


Shukri Sarhan was the first lover of women, but it seems that this was not common in the artistic community, many artists were complaining about him, and they also refused to kiss him. Samira Ahmed complains about Shukri Sarhan in the movie “The Criminal”.

Returning to the archives of “Cairo” newspaper, you will find multiple episodes written by director Kamal Attia, and for those who do not know Kamal Attia, he is the director of the movie “Qandil Umm Hashem,” one of the masterpieces of writer Yahya Haqqi.

Attia tells that during the filming of the movie “The Criminal,” starring Samira Ahmed, Shukri Sarhan, and Mahmoud El Meligy, Samira Ahmed complained to him about Shukri’s personal behavior with her.

Attia summoned Samira Ahmed, and told her: “Samira, tell him that you are married.”

In the same film, Shukri Sarhan became angry because Samira refused to kiss him in one of the scenes, and that director Kamal Attia refused to kiss and hug her to his chest.

Faten Hamama refuses to kiss him and accepts Omar Sharif

In the movie “A Date with Life” Faten Hamama refused to kiss Shukri Sarhan, but in the movie “Struggle in the Valley” she kissed Omar Sharif before he was her husband, so Shukri Sarhan came out and expressed his anger in the magazine “Ahl al-Fan” 1954, and at that time Omar responded to him Al-Sharif said that the issue is different in their film, and Faten responded and said: “I beg an excuse for him because he did not watch the movie and the kiss was only on the cheek.”



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