Widespread resentment and anger over the Jordanian movie “Princess”, and demands for those responsible for its broadcast to be held accountable


Social media platforms in Jordan and Palestine witnessed widespread discontent after the details of the movie “Princess” that Jordan chose to represent the Kingdom in the Academy Awards to compete in the international feature film category for the year 2022 were revealed, according to what the Royal Film Commission of Jordan previously announced.

According to activists in the field of defense of prisoners, the film (a co-production between Jordan, Egypt and Palestine) deals with a sensitive issue, which is “sperm smuggling from the prisons of the occupation.” She is the daughter of a Zionist officer.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that the film serves the occupation and its narrative against the prisoners, indicating that it will take a stand and practical steps against the film.

The freed Jordanian prisoner, Hamza Al-Dabbas, said that this novel serves nothing but the occupation, stressing in the same context that the process of smuggling sperm is subject to very complex procedures by the prisoners, and it is impossible to reach the occupier’s hand, and that the sperm and after all these procedures are subject to examination The DNA is in specialized centers, in order to increase certainty and as a matter of strictness in ensuring the safety of the sperm and its source.

The journalist, colleague Alaa Burqan, confirmed that the film represents abuse and distortion of the prisoners in the occupation prisons and their ongoing struggle inside the prisons, and it serves the narrative of the occupation.

Burqan questioned the role of the Media Authority as the official institution concerned with monitoring Jordanian media content before its broadcast, calling in the same context to immediately stop broadcasting the film, withdraw it from all platforms, and transfer the producer to an investigation committee to find out his motives.

The activist in the defense of prisoners, Sherine Nafeh, said: The worst thing that can be presented to the Palestinian cause is to discuss it in a distorted way that is not realistic, and this is what happened in the movie Amira.

Nafeh added: “The Amira movie, which was broadcast at the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Amman the day before yesterday, was chosen by Jordan to represent it in the Oscars, despite what it constitutes a great offense to the issue of prisoners and freedom ambassadors,” calling in the same context for the staff to apologize for this distortion.

The Jordanian journalist, colleague Nasser Shadeed, condemned the abusive work of the prisoners.

Palestinian activists expressed their condemnation of the film, while the journalist Fayhaa Khanfar demanded the Jordanian Artists Syndicate to clarify its position on the film, noting the extent of inaccuracies contained in the work and the abuse it contained against the prisoners and their families.

The activists launched the hashtag #Withdraw_Amira_film, expressing their rejection of the film, calling on those in charge of the work to apologize after placing themselves in the position of the prisoners and their families.


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