Winter weight gain.. Foods and drinks to avoid


Questions are raised in the chapter winter About the possible ways for a person to maintain his weight, without being affected by the season that accompanies it drinks And special foods, so what is the optimal diet to maintain fitness in these months?

Consultant says obesity And thinness and nutrition expert, Hani Jubran, said that winter is accompanied by a greater craving for food, and some people develop “seasonal depression” and try to overcome it through eating, and this increases the likelihood of weight gain.

Gibran recommends, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, to exercise regularly during the winter to avoid weight gain, in addition to following a healthy diet rich in substances that contribute to heating the body, without being high in calories.

The expert also advises dividing the main meals into 6 per day, that is, a meal every three hours, while some studies have indicated that the average weight gain in winter for many ranges between three and five kilograms.

Warmth “expensive”

On the level of drinks, the nutritionist says that drinks consumed in the winter cause weight gain, such as sahlab, which contains starch, milk and nuts, while it can be replaced with other drinks, such as cinnamon and ginger, as they are hot drinks that give a feeling of warmth and are low in calories. , In addition to hot lemon, or “Homs Sham”, but in moderation.

Gibran warned against a lot of soup that contains “cream”, and warned against excessive consumption of chicken and meat soup, advising to eat natural juices with fewer calories.

The nutritionist points out the importance of eating citrus fruits, especially oranges, because they give the body a feeling of satiety, and it is recommended that they be eaten and not consumed as juices, in order to benefit from the fiber in order to feel full.

It is also advised to eat fat-free foods, to stay away from white bread, and to rely on whole-grain bread, with more vegetables that help to feel warm, provided that they are low in calories.

wrong practices

Regarding the wrong practices that some people follow in the winter, such as excessive intake of sugars, such as eastern and western sweets, and other foods and drinks that contain high levels of sugar, especially as they help to give the body a feeling of warmth, Gibran said: “Sugars help to Feeling warm temporarily, but at the same time it causes significant weight gain, so it is recommended to rely more on fruits.

The obesity and thinness consultant recommends the importance of staying away from the sources of seasonal depression in the winter, and being keen to be with family and friends to feel the warmth of gatherings, and even leaving the house and exposure to the sun, which provides the body with vitamin D.

A study conducted by researchers at the Canadian Albert University School of Medicine has linked a lack of exposure to the sun in the winter and weight gain, given that the lack of exposure to sunlight causes the body to store more fat.

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