With nine bullets, an American policeman kills a sixty in a wheelchair on suspicion of theft


With nine bullets, an American policeman kills a sixty in a wheelchair on suspicion of theft

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A policeman in the US state of Arizona shot a wheelchair with nine bullets after he was suspected of being involved in a store robbery, and the victim refused to comply with his orders.

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And the police chief of the city of “Towson” in the state announced that he had initiated the procedures for firing police officer Ryan Remington, and published video recordings of the incident.

At a news conference, Police Chief Chris Magnus expressed his “deep concern” about the officer’s behavior, and said his “lethal use of force in this incident is a clear violation of the rules of our service.”

The policeman was not on duty on Monday evening when the incidents occurred, but was in the store at the time of the theft.

A Walmart supermarket employee had informed the policeman that a person in a wheelchair had stolen a toolbox from the store. “This is your receipt,” before turning to the exit.

According to the police chief, the policeman repeatedly ordered the dead man to stop and throw the knife, but the latter ignored him and left the supermarket and through the garage, heading to an opposite store.

The police chief added: “When Richards refused to stop, Officer Remington fired nine bullets, hitting him in the back and side.”

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