You will not believe the beauty and femininity of the wife of the artist Ramez Jalal .. Watch her first appearance after he hid her from the cameras and the eyes of the public .. (Photo)


The Egyptian star Ramez Jalal is an Egyptian actor, his father is the great director Jalal Tawfik, and his brother is the artist Yasser Jalal.


He started his studies at Qasr Al Atfal Primary School, then Orman Preparatory School, and at the secondary stage he moved to Giza Secondary School, after which he joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, acting and directing department. After graduating from the institute, he joined the army and was in the infantry. .

In his beginnings, he participated in several secondary roles, including a television evening entitled (The Good Man), then the series (Nas Walad Nas), and then participated in the series (Hayat El Gohary).

His first work while studying at the institute was a play (Nuts and Almonds), and he also participated in a play (It seems they stole his slave), then he presented several television programs in the form of a hidden camera, which met with acceptable success.

The young artist, Ramez Jalal, was known for his funny personality, his love for joy and fun, and for doing a lot of pranks with his artist friends, whether on screen or behind the scenes filming one of their joint works, or during a gathering of him with his friends in the club or anywhere else, until it came to him that he produced And presenting programs for him, based on pranks on famous people and artists in the world, and not only in the Arab world.

The Ramez Jalal programs that he presents every year during the Ramadan season, and he caused a lot of trouble and always topped the Google search engine, and one of the most important information that many people want to know about the famous star is his fortune after the end of a year, and his marriages, which he completely hides from the media.

The wife of the artist Ramez Jalal, no one knew about her until she was revealed by the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, and she published a picture through her account on the social networking site for photos and videos “Instagram” of Ramez Jalal, accompanied by his wife, who received the masses positively, especially long because she was very beautiful.



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