You will not believe what the profession of the Lebanese artist (Haifa Wehbe) was before art .. and a surprise that you will not imagine in her religion and the number of her marriages!


Haifa Wehbe is considered one of the Lebanese artists who have great fame in the art world, and she has a wealth of songs and many shows.


The Lebanese actress, Haifa Wehbe, was born in 1976 in the town of Mahrouna, in southern Lebanon, to a Lebanese father, Mohamed Wehbe, and an Egyptian mother, Sayeda Abdel Aziz Ibrahim.

There is no doubt that the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe is one of the most important artists who have appeared on the artistic scene, whether Lebanese, Egyptian, or Arab in general, and she has won many awards and titles for her artwork, whether in singing or in the field of acting.

The artist Haifa Wehbe has one brother named Ahmed Wehbe and three sisters: Alia Wehbe and Hana Yamout, and singer Rola Yamout.

What many do not know is that Haifa Wehbe, a child, worked in a jewelry store, lived with her mother and studied at a boarding school, but did not complete her university studies.

After her divorce from her cousin for several years, specifically on April 24, 2009, the Lebanese star married Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima and separated from him in November 2012.

As for her third marriage, she was with her former business manager, Muhammad al-Waziri, according to the documents that the latter submitted to the Egyptian judicial authorities after filing a breach of trust case against him, but she denied this marriage.

As for Haifa Wehbe’s religion, beliefs and sect, she is a Shiite Muslim, she was born into a Shiite family.

Haifa Wehbe began her artistic career when she was sixteen years old when she participated in the Miss South Lebanon competition, and presented work as a model in a number of commercials and videos until she became one of the most famous models in the Arab world, then entered the field of singing and acting.



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