You wouldn’t expect how he reacted;; The unexpected Samir Ghanem when he saw the leader Adel Imam; He kisses his wife, Dalal Abdel Aziz, in Khadesh (exciting details)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The world of cinema has many rules, regulations and details behind the scenes that many ordinary viewers are ignorant of.


Contradictions These contradictions change according to time and place, in addition to social customs and traditions that impose many laws.

Accordingly, some stars see that the nature of their profession imposes on them a number of rules that the ordinary viewer may not accept, which often causes a clash between the star and his audience, especially if they see in his statements or actions what violates the rules that the majority is raised by.

The great star Samir Ghanem is one of the stars who have been most criticized – and still are – because of some scenes presented by his wife, most notably her role in the movie “Sleep in the Honey”.

Where Samir Ghanem, during his visit as a guest on the “Frankness Free” program, responded to these criticisms, and said, commenting on his wife’s scenes with Adel Imam, in the movie “Sleep in Honey”, for which he was severely criticized: “I made up for it that I kept accepting her all day.” And he continued: “Adel Imam is a brother, a lover, and ten years of age.”

Not the first time
And this was not the first time that Samir Ghanem was subjected to severe criticism that amounted to defamation, as many had previously attacked him because of Dalal Abdel Aziz’s dancing in the play “My Brother Hayes and I Lais”, where he said at the time that “acting is not a defect and a respectable profession.”

Stressing that if he asks his wife to present roles with hugs and kisses with another artist, he will not object, because the artist at this time is in the context of the character that she plays.

admits cheating on his wife
Previously, Samir Ghanem said on more than one occasion that Dalal Abdel Aziz discovered that he was cheating on her with more than one woman during the courtship period, but after marriage he did not cheat on her.

Ghanem had married at the beginning of his career to a Somali girl, who was one of his biggest admirers and whose mother loved her very much, and the guest Ahmed convinced him to marry her.

However, he separated from her after a year of marriage due to the difference in temperament between them, and then married Dalal Abdel Aziz, who explained that she was the one who asked for his hand, and gave birth to the two stars Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem.


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