Zina Mansour: Um Abeer Lazika, and “Abu Saddam” is a gift from our Lord | Video


Actress Zina Mansour expressed her happiness at participating in the 43rd Cairo Film Festival, through her role in the movie “Abu Saddam”.

In an interview with the “Arab Wood” program, Zina Mansour said: “Abu Saddam is a gift from our Lord, Lord, the film receives prizes at the festival, because it is really a different story and a different topic, and I am working on a different character and “Tyson” is a personality factor. No one could be like her before That’s how it is in Egyptian cinema.

Zina Mansour commented on the audience’s connection to the character of Umm Abeer, who presented her in the series “This Evening”, saying: “Umm Abeer was a good thing, Alia, and she knew the audience as high and let people know that there is an actress named Zina Mansour.

Zina Mansour revealed a work she is preparing to present in the coming period, saying: “We finished a comedy movie called a “commercial movie”, with the star Amr Abdel Galil and the stars of the Egypt Theater, and for the first time playing a comic role.

It is noteworthy that the movie “Abu Saddam” is participating in the international competition of the 43rd session of the Cairo Film Festival, and its events revolve around the old and experienced truck driver, “Abu Saddam”, who finally gets a transport mission on the North Coast Road, after a break from work that lasted for years, and decides To accomplish his task to the fullest, as befits his reputation, but he gets into a small situation on the road and things get out of his control.

The film was written by Mahmoud Ezzat, and directed by Nadine Khan, and it is her second feature-length work after directing the movie “Haraj wa Marj” in 2012.

The movie “Abu Saddam” starring Muhammad Mamdouh, Ahmed Dash, and a number of guests of honor, including Sayed Rajab, Ali Qassem, Ali Al-Tayeb, and Hadeel Hassan.


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