15 statements from Mofeed Fawzy about Ismail Yassin, who does not laugh, and Saleh Selim, “The Slave with Women” and the most feminine artist | news


The media solution, Mofeed Fawzy, was a guest of the journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour on the “Zamalkawi” program, and he revealed his opinion of many art stars, which is what we will monitor in the following points..

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– Sometimes intellectuals change the stardom of football players in Egypt, as they are very popular, in view of the stands in Egypt and the world, and I am very attached to the player Maradona.

– What Mohamed Salah has achieved, raising the name of Egypt, as he is the ambassador of Egypt in the world, but Egypt is the tallest in the world, with the state carrying out its achievements and global forums.

– I was not angered by the stardom of football players, as evidenced by my hosting of Salim, as he is a maestro and gentle with women, and I am gentle with women as well.

– Farouk Jaafar was the fruit of the football era and Shikabala was a world player had it not been for his tongue, and Tariq Hamed was wronged for not being with the national team in the African Nations in Cameroon.

– Field Marshal Tantawi was Zamalek, and I learned that after he died. I interviewed him since he was in the army, as well as Field Marshal Abu Ghazaleh.

– Every decision I made in my life I am responsible for and it is a purely rational product and has nothing to do with emotion.

– I did not tell any woman that I love you, but my feelings express this love. Throughout my life with my wife, Amal Al-Omda, I did not tell her I love you, but my loving behavior for her was greater.

– Youssef Wehbe I loved him because he is the owner of a school and approach, and I met Mahmoud El Meligy, for he is the kindest person, despite his evil on the screen, and Farid Shawqi was able to introduce some laws in the cinema, and this is credited to him.

– Kamal El-Shennawy was a beautiful drawing teacher and I loved his films that carry more issues than love, but Fouad Al-Mohandes made a mistake when I banged on his shoulder.

– Ismail Yassin, his films do not make me laugh, as well as Younes Shalaby and the guest Ahmed. As for the one who makes me laugh, the leader, Adel Imam, and sometimes Samir Ghanem.

– Shukri Sarhan is a model for the committed artist, Rushdi Abaza, creating a star, and the most star artist. Omar Sharif is a great actor, and Adel Imam shows his face features, an artist who lived to make people laugh, laughing at situations, not hitting the scruff.

– Faten Hamama represented women in all their joys and convinced us of them. She was eloquent. Shadia, I knew her late in her life, but she is the history and Soad Hosni, the icon of cinema.

– The most beautiful actress for me is Shams Al-Baroudi. She is the most feminine, and then Mervat Amin and Nadia Lotfi, a friend of my life, I have known her since she was riding a calf in Heliopolis.

As for Kulthum, a great artist, but she is violent in anger, and Muhammad Abdel Wahab is one of the fathers of art, and Abdel Halim Hafez, the prince of singing, and his personality was difficult because he formed himself and Umm Kulthum was jealous of him, and they had a “psychosis.”

My tongue is pardoned from talking about festival songs

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