4 ways to keep the tongue clean.. Get to know them


considered as Teeth health Its appearance is a priority when it comes to your smile. However, we cannot forget or neglect the importance of taking care of more than just your teeth because oral health is due to dental health, but the tongue is one of the most important and vital parts of your mouth.

Poor tongue hygiene leads to plaque buildup and bad breath. Bacteria can further damage your teeth and lead to tooth decay and cavities. Because the surface of the tongue varies from person to person, it is easy for bacteria to settle in the tongue without you noticing it.

In the following lines, “Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” reviews the best ways to take care of the cleanliness of the tongue, as follows:

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1- brush your tongue
We know it may sound funny, but brushing your tongue regularly after caring for your teeth will help remove any debris that may have remained after the meal. You can also use a special scraper to scrape in a downward motion to remove any remaining particles as well.

2- Use mouthwash
You can’t beat the effectiveness of a good mouthwash. Mouthwashes help move your teeth after you brush and floss well. However, the ingredients in mouthwash can also help kill the bacteria left on your tongue and reduce its buildup over time.

3- Mouth thread
Flossing not only helps keep your teeth healthy, but also helps reduce the negative effects that can affect your entire mouth by taking the time to remove stuck food and dental plaque.

4- Regular dental visits
By maintaining regular cleanings and dental visits, your home care will only amplify what your dental hygienist and in-office dentist will take care of.


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