4700 pounds and vaccination are the most prominent conditions for an interview with Fifi Abdo.. and the star announces the postponement


The star revealed Fifi Abdo, about meeting her audience in Abu Dhabi in exchange for a payment of 1,100 dirhams, and Fifi wrote, through her account on Instagram, the terms of the meeting: “The first is a certificate of vaccination for the Corona vaccine, and 48 hours as a result. pcr Negative, and offers in the platinum category at a price of 1100 dirhams, or 5500 Egyptian pounds, and includes a two-hour session from 11 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon, in exchange for photography and lunch with Fifi Abdo, and the golden category sits with Fifi from 4 to 5 and a half in the afternoon for 750 dirhams, or 3750 Egyptian pounds. For a photoshoot with the star.

After announcing the details of the meeting, Fifi announced the postponement of the meeting for a month, saying: “Yesterday, I announced the event for this month in Abu Dhabi. Some, and God willing, we will announce to you the new date soon.”

The artist, Fifi Abdo, was a guest on “The Seventh Day” TV, and she spoke during the meeting about a group of topics, the most prominent of which was her recent illness, as she confirmed that her health crisis, during which she underwent surgery, was due to receiving a wrong injection in her back while receiving treatment inside. One of the medical centers, it was because of envy, saying: “How can I be afraid of envy, I must be afraid of it, of course, I sat in bed for a long time because of a wrong injection that entered the nerve, after I was in the Marina wearing high heels and dancing, I took an eye that made me in bed for months. “.



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