A beautiful and famous artist, Kamal El-Shennawy said that she is a teacher of kisses and has sparked controversy because of filming a hot scene during the day in Ramadan.. You won’t believe who she is!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The confusion was accompanied by the family of the movie Dove of Peace because of the final kiss at the end of the film, which was between Kamal El-Shennawy and Shadia

Because it was filmed during the day in Ramadan, and it sparked controversy, so all the discussions were whether kissing breaks the fast for the hero and heroine, especially since it was repeated several times.

According to the script of the film, the closing scene had a kiss between Hassan Fayek and Aziza Helmy and another kiss between Shadia and Kamal Al-Shennawi, and because of Hassan Fayek’s tendency to laugh

The scene was repeated several times, and with the spread of the difference, director Helmy Rafla asked everyone to devote themselves to the conclusion of the film and told them that the kiss is permissible because it is an acting scene that has no desires.

Kamal Al-Shennawi told in his dialogue with Muhammad Al-Sayyid Shusha, which was published in 1956 in the Anfam Al-Sharq magazine, that the actress, Lula Sidqi, would not mind performing kisses like the rest of the actresses who refuse to embody kisses. She was conducting kisses rehearsals, and Kamal Al-Shennawi described her as a master of kisses.

Because of Lula Sidqi’s lack of reluctance to perform kisses, most of the roles in which I participated were played by the playful woman or the unfaithful wife.

She participated in more than one film with Kamal El-Shennawy, including Mrs. Fatima and the film Halawa. And her cinematic balance reaches 49 films, she participated with Ismail Yassin a number of his films and appeared in front of Farid Al-Atrash.


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