A Canadian doctor helps in the birth of a “miracle” on a Qatari plane over Egyptian airspace


Aisha Al-Khatib giving birth to a woman on a plane

picture released, AISHA KHATIB

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Aisha Al-Khatib holds the little girl they named after her “Miracle Aisha” after she was born on the Nile

A Canadian doctor has expressed her extreme joy after she helped deliver a “miracle” baby girl on a plane during a night flight from Qatar to Uganda at 35,000 feet above Egyptian skies.

Dr. Aisha Al-Khatib, a professor at the Canadian University of Toronto, was about an hour away on the Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Entebbe when she started hearing a distress call on the plane to help a woman in childbirth.

The pregnant woman was a Ugandan worker returning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where she works there to her country via Qatar, and she was pregnant in recent months and about to give birth.

The baby was born, at 35 weeks, in good health, and was named Mirza Aisha, after the doctor who It helped her reach the world.

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