A chilling incident in Egypt .. a woman drugging her children and throwing them into the graves (shocking details)


A chilling incident in Egypt .. a woman drugging her children and throwing them into the graves (shocking details)


Egyptian media said that a woman in the Ismailia governorate drugged her children and threw them in one of the governorate’s cemeteries.

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Mrs. Fatima Muhammad Ibrahim Ali, the wife of the children’s uncle, who works as a tissue seller, said that the woman who threw her children was in constant disagreements with her husband, who separated from her and left her children, until they were surprised that this woman drugged their children and threw them in one of the Ismailia cemeteries.

As Ms. Fatima Muhammad Ibrahim Ali explained, they were surprised by the spread of pictures of children on social networking sites, and she said: “I saw the pictures of the children on the Internet. The fire brigade and we took them again, she is leaving them because she wants to walk and see her condition far from them.”

The wife of the children’s uncle indicated that she had not had the blessing of procreation for 15 years after she got married, so she considers these children as compensation for her, adding: “She walked and we did not know anything about her, and I ran and was naughty to spend on them, and in the spirit of the cleanest fish on Friday to eat a bite.” halal”.

While Mrs. Fatima Muhammad Ibrahim Ali appealed to officials and able citizens to help her raise these children, as well as pay the debts claimed, she said: “I am afraid I will be locked up because of the debts that I have, and the children are wasting after me.”

Source: Cairo 24

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