A company requires an employee for 917 dirhams per hour.. with these conditions


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Sleep Junkie is looking for insomniacs to test “apps, pillows, eye masks, and bedding” while they sleep.

Over the course of two months of service, the person selected for the job will try 8 different products, each for a week, and then complete a review on whether or not they have noticed differences in the quality and quantity of their sleep.

The company says that each review form will take about an hour to complete, and you will pay a total of $2,000, which is divided into $250 an hour, which is approximately 917 dirhams, over the eight weeks.

According to CNBC, the company will then use this person’s data to “coordinate the ultimate sleep guide for sleep-disordered sufferers around the world.”

The job application asks for a 150-word explanation explaining why the person believes he or she is well-suited to the job, and the candidate must be well-intentioned.

“We believe everyone deserves and can have a good night’s sleep,” Dorothy Chambers, a sleep expert at the company, said in a statement. “We hope that by recruiting someone with a poor sleep history, we can help them find peace at night, and help us gather useful information we can Share it with others.”

Candidates must be at least 21 years old and available to join on February 28, and also need to have a smartphone “compatible with sleep-tracking apps”, such as those produced by the company.

The company says it hopes to publish reviews of insomnia patients selected in a study before World Sleep Day, which falls on March 18.


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