A drink that contributes to “warding off” various “cancers” and extending life!


Gerontology has made significant gains to help increase life expectancy, but the focus is now shifting toward maintaining good health in old age.

One study suggests that adding a drink to your diet may increase your odds of longevity, by staving off disease.

Researchers believe that tea consumption may be beneficial, as evidence is mounting that regular consumption of some teas is necessary to control blood pressure. This is not only helpful in avoiding the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it may also protect against different types of cancer, according to numerous studies.

Green tea has many health benefits due to its high concentrations of unique antioxidants. The drink contains a substance known as polyphenols, which contain subgroups of antioxidants.

These unique molecules have demonstrated powerful anti-tumor effects in a series of studies.

Moreover, it has been observed that the rates of cancer in the population that consume green tea are lower, which aroused great interest among epidemiologists.

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It is widely believed that polyphenols prevent the malignant behavior that characterizes many diseases.

As a result, green tea consumption is often associated with a lower risk of all-cause mortality.

The research, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, linked regular consumption of green tea to a longer life.

The study looked at 100,902 Chinese adults from 15 provinces across China, to assess the effects of green tea on atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

The researchers found that those without a history of cardiovascular disease who drank tea at least three times a week over a seven-year period had a 56 percent lower risk of fatal stroke.

They concluded: “Tea consumption was associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and all-cause mortality, particularly among those who drink tea regularly.”

These effects are put into lipid metabolism, lowering blood pressure and stabilizing glucose metabolism.

An analysis published in the journal Molecules and Cells highlights the protective effects of antioxidants against cancer.

“Consuming more than 10 cups of green tea per day significantly prevented lung cancer, followed by colorectal, liver and stomach cancer,” the researchers wrote.

Regarding cancer recurrence, one study reported that the incidence of breast cancer was significantly lower for patients who consumed more than five cups of green tea per day.

Cancer Research UK explains that laboratory studies have shown that green tea extract can also reduce the risk of breast, prostate and bowel cancer.

A series of animal studies showed that green tea molecules inhibit the development of chemically induced cancer.

Furthermore, when taken alongside a cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, green tea has been shown to increase the benefits of the drug, while decreasing its risks.

These results could be valuable for a range of cancers, especially since positive results have been consistently produced across a large number of studies.

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