A European country approves compulsory vaccination against the Corona virus


“It was adopted by the (necessary) majority,” the second president of the Austrian National Assembly, Doris Boris, said after hours of sessions to discuss the new law.

Tens of thousands have demonstrated against compulsory vaccination almost every weekend, since the move was announced in November, in an effort to increase vaccination rates in the country.

But all parties, except for the hard right, supported the move, as the new law was passed by 137 votes in favor and 33 votes against it in the parliament, which includes 183 seats.

So far, 72 percent of Austrians have received full doses covid vaccine.

Under the new law, which takes effect on February 4, people refusing to receive vaccinations will have to pay fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,100) from mid-March.

The measure will only apply to the adult population with the exception of pregnant women and people who are exempt from the vaccine on medical grounds.

Most deputies from all parties voted in favor of the law. The most prominent opposition to it came from the hard-right Freedom Party, whose head, Herbert Kekl, considered during his discussion Thursday, that it “paves the way for a totalitarian rule in Austria.”

He pledged to stick to his refusal to receive vaccinations, in defiance of the new law.

turn, emphasized Austrian Chancellor (Center right) Karl Nehamer, to reporters, before the start of the debate in Parliament: “Vaccination is an opportunity for our society to achieve lasting and continuous freedom, because the virus can no longer limit us further.”

Austria has so far recorded about 14,000 deaths related to Covid and 1.5 million infections among its population of about nine million.

And it continued to record injuries in record numbers, and it announced more than 27,600 injuries on Wednesday.

and still Compulsory vaccination Against Covid is rare worldwide, although Ecuador, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Micronesia have announced such plans.

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