A famous actor deprived him of his inheritance and his wife tied him to a dark room.. after she betrayed him with his son.. you won’t believe who he is!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The great Egyptian artist joined the French Ferrer schools, so he was fluent in French, and after a while he asked his father to leave the study and help him in his business

Indeed, he left school, but did not last long to work with his father, as he was always staying up outside the house to watch theatrical groups, so he became attached to art.

He is the artist “Abdul-Fattah Al-Qasry”, born on April 15, 1905 in Al-Gamaliya, Cairo.

He joined the Abdul Rahman Rushdi band, and one day someone came to him and told him that Professor Najib Al-Rihani wanted to meet you, but he did not believe himself out of joy.

He went to meet Najib Al-Rihani, and Al-Rihani told him that he had denied entering the Abdul Rahman Rushdi band in order to see you because I heard of your talent in acting and I would like you to join my band.

Then a problem arose between him and the director of the Rihani band, Badi’ Khairi.

In the year 1935, the works continued, such as “Si Omar” and “The Set Game.” He participated in 64 films, the last of which was the movie “Sukkar Hanim” with Abdel Moneim Ibrahim and Kamal El Shennawy.

His father sent him and asked him to leave art and return to help him, and his father told him that what he owns is much more than what you earn from your work in art, so he refused Al-Qasry, which led to him depriving him of the inheritance from his father.

His first marriage ended in divorce, as she did not have children, then he discovered that he was the one who did not have children, after that he married again and also she did not have children, so he divorced her, then married again.

After one time, I watched a small child sleeping on the street and he was working in a grocery store, and after the store was closed, he slept on the street until morning.

Al-Qasry took him and raised him and considered him his adopted son. At first, his wife refused the presence of this child in the house, but he was determined to stay with them, so she left the house.

After that, he married for the fourth time, and she was a nurse he met during his stay in a hospital for treatment, and she was 35 years younger, so he married her, after a while she made him write all his property in her name and prevented him from communicating with his family.

In one of his plays with Ismail Yassin, while standing in front of the audience, he said, “I don’t see anything.” The audience laughed, thinking that this was an act, but his friend Ismail Yassin realized that Al-Qasry had lost his sight, so he grabbed him by the hand and made him sit on a chair behind the scenes.

He sat in his house and left work, but his wife mistreated him and cheated on him with his adopted son, then she brought a Mazoun and made him divorce her from Al-Qusri, and after several months she brought the Mazoun to marry her to the adopted son of Al-Qasri and made Al-Qasri sign a witness to the contract.

One day, the two artists, Mary Munib and Najwa Salem, came to ask about Al-Qasry in his house, and his wife told them that he was not there.

And when she denied his presence, they stormed the house and started calling for him until he heard them, so he called them for help, so he was in a closed room, they broke the door and found him tied next to the bed, so they took him and admitted him to the hospital.

His health was deteriorating as a result of a lack of blood sugar from lack of food, as he was diabetic, and after a while his health improved a little, so they rented him one of the apartments and brought him an older sister who did not get married to take care of him, and they allotted a monthly sum for them.

After a while, his illness increased, and they admitted him to Al-Mabra Hospital. On Sunday, March 8, 1964, he moved to the mercy of God. Six people, including his sister and Najwa Salem, walked one day at his funeral.


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