A “famous” restaurant chain suffered from a lack of waiters…it provided the magic solution


And restaurants “The Chinese Buffet” began to use robots In its branches located in: Leferball St. Helens and Bolton Wigan.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, these restaurants called the robots “BellaBot”, and the latter proceeded to serve food to the patrons of these restaurants.

And when one of these restaurants reopened, after one of the closures in the country, the owners decided to serve food to customers at the tables, after they had ordered what they wanted to eat via an electronic application.

But this added additional pressure on the already small staff, and the solution was in the robot.

Also, these restaurants, like others, witnessed a decrease in the number of their employees due to the pandemic for several reasons, such as subjecting many workers to isolation due to the successive mutations that appeared in the country.

The restaurant chain’s owners say the robots have proven popular with diners, and moreover, they cost less than the waiter’s wages.

They cost $20,000 each, which is less than the cost of hiring a bartender at the lowest wages for 40 hours a week.

The robot consists of a screen on top of two legs, and between them are small shelves on which the required food is placed, and at the bottom are wheels that the robot runs.

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