A high-caliber scandal!.. Selena Gomez lost her mind and shocked the audience with a disgraceful video.. Did she turn into Mia Khalifa?


A porn video attributed to the international star Selena Gomez has spread, which was a great shock to the audience, as they are accustomed to her with exciting looks, but it is the first time that Gomez appears in a porn video.

According to their belief, pornographic clips invaded the communication sites and circulated by many, but it was not confirmed if Selena actually participated in a porn video or that the one who appears in the video is similar to her, and Selenas name is used to attract the audience.

And the pioneers of social networking sites circulated news revealing the existence of a relationship between Selena Gomez and the hero of the American movie “Captain America” ​​Chris Avens, after the spread of pictures of them in public places.

And the audience interacted greatly with the news, expressing their joy in it, and they said that the two suit each other very much, before confirming that the information is just a rumor, and it is not true.


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