A Japanese woman gives up her baby to a nursing home because of the sperm



A Japanese woman gives up her baby to a nursing home because of the sperm


A Japanese woman gives up her baby to a nursing home because of the sperm

A Japanese woman has abandoned her child after discovering that the man who donated her sperm, who had secluded her with her husband’s knowledge 10 times because she was pregnant, had deceived her of his nationality and educational background into having sex with her.

The married woman, aged 30, and a resident of Tokyo, filed a lawsuit against the sperm donor after she discovered that he was Chinese, not Japanese, and did not graduate from Kyoto University and was married and not single as he claimed, according to For “Tokyo Shimbun”.

In the details, the woman and her husband, who are parents of one child, got to know the man through social media in 2019 after they decided to have a child through the donor because her partner was carrying a genetic condition that could be passed on to his offspring.

The woman had sex with the donor, who was in his 20s, 10 times before becoming pregnant in June 2019 but months later, when it was too late for an abortion, the couple discovered the man had lied to them.

وذكرت “Tokyo Shimbun” The baby was handed over to a childcare facility in the Japanese capital and put up for adoption after birth as the couple sued for £2m in damages from the donor for fraud and emotional distress.

She emphasized that she had taken judicial steps to prevent the donor from targeting other people.

The victim’s lawyer said that her alternate suffered from sleep disturbances and was subjected to physical and emotional trauma due to the case, particularly due to the backlash resulting from her decision to abandon the child.

Source: British newspaper “Daily Mail”

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