A new job for Angela Merkel .. but she refused


On Wednesday, her office told AFP that Merkel “phoned the Secretary-General of the United Nations last week and thanked him and told him that she would not accept the offer,” while her office did not specify the nature of the offer. United nations.

But according to sources within the organization, it was a matter of appointing the head of a council composed of different personalities to deal with the “common agenda” at the United Nations proposed by Guterres at the end of 2021, “with the aim of strengthening and accelerating multilateral agreements”, and the honorary post is based not in New York.

I repeated Merkel, who announced her withdrawal long ago after the German legislative elections in September 2021, on several occasions that she did not wish to take any new job after her exit from the Chancellery.

Since withdrawing from politics permanently on December 8, Merkel, 67, has devoted her time to writing her political memoirs with her former advisor and confidant Pete Baumann.

The writing project, which aims to explain key policy decisions that Merkel made during her 16-year stay in power, is supposed to run for two or three years, according to the chancellor.

As a Member of Parliament for more than 30 years, Merkel now has an office in a building Bundestag.

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