A painful catastrophe shakes the Egyptian lands, and a horrific fate befalls the artist, Rogina and her daughters, and this is what happened and saddened the hearts of the Egyptians!


Egyptian star Rogina Corona is wrestling after she and her daughters were infected with the virus days ago, as she broke her silence to reveal the pain she is experiencing.

Rogina posted on her Instagram story a prayer that some considered that she and her daughters are battling the virus and pain, as she said

Oh God, bring down your healing to those who have been touched by harm, and force those who are exhausted by pain and decimated by fatigue, O God, heal and recover every patient in pain.. and he does not know his weakness except You, Glory be to You.

And she had announced two days ago that she was infected with the virus, as she said,

Praise be to God, Maya and Mary, positive, Corona, God’s destiny, and what He wills, I pray for them.

Zakkan started talking about Roginas dance with the Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama, which sparked controversy, as some said that her dance caused her a problem with her husband, the captain of artists Ashraf Zaki.

In the details, after the uproar caused by Roginas dance with the Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama, she confirmed that her husband, the captain of artists, Ashraf Zaki, is understanding and was not angry at her dancing with Ragheb. She also added that her husband Ashraf Zaki shares Ragheb’s love with her, justifying the uproar that her audience is jealous of her.

And Rogina added: I went up on stage as one of Ragheb Alamas fans and fans. Rogina was subjected to great criticism after dancing in a short white dress with Ragheb Alama during a party in Egypt, as her audience was not accustomed to this type of looks, as Rogina adheres to a conservative appearance in general.


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