A picture ignited a storm.. A child in a dumpsite reading a book!


His picture, standing in the garbage dump, holding a book he pulled out of the trash, melted hearts on social media, especially in Lebanon. And ignited a storm of sympathy with the ten-year-old

Hussein, the Syrian child, caused a sensation after his picture spread, arousing the admiration and sympathy of the followers, who started searching and asking about this little boy and his address in order to help him.

As for the one who took that picture, he was none other than a young Lebanese engineer and university professor named Rodrigue Maghames. He saw the child near his office in an area near Beirut, so he drew the scene and took his picture so that he could help him.

Study and collect scrap

Maghamis told Al Arabiya.net, “He took a picture of Hussein and he couldn’t believe what he saw, because he had been browsing the book for more than seven minutes with passion and love, as if he was searching for his place in one of its pages, knowing that the book is not for children.”

He added, “After that, I approached him and asked him to take a selfie with him, but he hesitated at first, but later agreed, so I was able to approach him and ask him about his conditions.”

In addition, he explained, “Hussain is a very smart child who loves to study. He goes to school (in the Bourj Hammoud area in the Matn) before noon and works in collecting scrap in the afternoon, in order to help his sick father and four sisters.”

Maghamis also indicated that he works with an association to collect the necessary funds to help Hussein and his family, provided that he does not return to collecting scrap but devote himself to his studies.

Shortage of basic materials

He also said, “The child’s family lacks the most basic necessities of life, and we are working to secure it and pay the rent of the house so that it can live in appropriate living conditions.”

And he concluded, stressing that “he received many calls to inquire about how to help the youngster and his family.”
It is noteworthy that the displaced Syrians in Lebanon live in difficult living conditions, exacerbated by the economic crisis that the country is going through, and the collapse of the value of the financial aid that ensured their survival so far.

According to official estimates, about 1.5 million displaced Syrians live in Lebanon who left their country due to the war conditions, of whom about 855,000 are officially registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which is about a quarter of the population of Lebanon.

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