A scientist monitors an octopus “bride” in a cloak… A once-in-a-lifetime scene… Video


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Australian media published a beautiful scene at the bottom of the ocean, described by the scientific community as a very rare event in the natural world, which may be “observed once in a lifetime”, if a person is lucky enough to see it, according to the sources.

A clip of marine biologist Jacinta Shackleton, who acts as a guide in the reefs scattered on the ocean floor on the coast of Australasia Island, shows a very strange red octopus swimming over the Great Barrier Reef in northeastern Australia, but what is interesting is that this octopus is dragging behind it a very beautiful cloak It is considered one of the rarest scenes in the world of nature, which some scholars have likened to a bride who flaunts her dress at the bottom of the sea.

The scenes were first reported in local news on Australian television ‘Bundaberg Now’, after marine biologist Jacinta Shackleton filmed an octopus diving off the coast of Queensland’s Lady Elliot Island.

“When I first saw it, I thought it might have been a small fish with long fins, but as I got closer I realized it was a blanket octopus and I was so excited I couldn’t contain the excitement!” Shackleton said to Bundaberg now.

Jacinta Shackleton

marine biologist

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According to the article published in “Live Science” magazine Scientific about the incident, this octopus belongs to a very small and rare group of the genus “Tremoctopus”, and monitoring this case is very rare because these organisms live in the open ocean, where this octopus is known to use a strange trick for hunting, as it separates its poisonous tentacles and uses them as a deadly bait. It hunts marine animals.

“Her colors and her mantle were great and it was great to watch the way she moved through the water.”

Jacinta Shackleton

marine biologist

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According to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, females have head coverings that distract predators, and females are much larger than males, reaching about 6.6 feet (2 meters) in length, while males are less than 1 inch (2.4 centimeters) long. This difference in size is one of the largest between the sexes of any animal.

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