A serious defect appears in the iPhone 13 devices .. and Apple attached to this matter!


Several users reported a problem with New iPhone 13 phonesTheir phone screens randomly turned pink when using it, making it impossible to use the phone without restarting it.

And in October, a user posted in a forum for Apple device users that his iPhone 13 Pro screen had turned pink and started crashing randomly, according to 9to5mac, which was reviewed by Al Arabiya.net.

Although he replaced the phone, the problem reappeared, and several other users confirmed its presence in the following weeks and months.

For its part, Apple said that it was just a software bug, as no reports of crashes showed up for any problem with the devices that users reported having problems with.

My Drivers blog discovered that Apple issued a statement on the Chinese social network Weibo this weekend, given that the vast majority of complaints came from China.

“We haven’t seen any hardware related issues with iPhones because the pink screens only occur when the system is off,” Apple said.

According to the post, Apple has advised users to backup their data and install the latest available update to rule out incompatibility between the app version and the iOS version.


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