A shocking and painful tragedy.. Watch how the days betrayed the star of the beautiful Hajj Metwally series.. She burned her house and strayed in the streets!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>About 7 months ago, the media scene dominated the story of the most beautiful extras in the series The Family of Hajj Metwally, which is Marwa Muhammad.

who became homeless on the street years after her mother passed away; Details continued about her psychological state and her violent behavior, forcing her brother at the time to come out, talking about his attempt to help her despite his difficult situation.

Several stations that the beautiful 40-year-old extras have gone through since the end of last January, from entering a psychiatric hospital, then a shelter, and finally arriving at the bosom of her older sister, Heba Muhammad,

During that period, she was not spared rumors and gossip, the latest of which was the emergence of a person claiming that “Marwa” is a millionaire, accusing her brothers of stealing her money, as well as their desire to deteriorate her psychological state in order to control her.

Her sister: She has only the pension, Heba Muhammad, the sister of the extras in the Hajj Metwally Family series. She denied to Al-Watan all the rumors that her sister had a lot of money.

Emphasizing that she has nothing but her pension, which has been interrupted since her psychological condition deteriorated, narrating Marwas journey since her childhood, as well as details of the bad experiences she went through.

“Marwa was beautiful and smart, and she did not suffer from mental problems, but from her young age she had electricity in excess of the brain, a worker with psychological problems.”

With a hoarse voice from the effect of fatigue and exhaustion, Marwas sister recalled the details of her childhood right up to the stage of youth, witnessing an emotional shock that made her health and psychological condition worsen.

Pointing out that she fell in love with someone who was not suitable for her, which made his mother try to separate them through magic, she said, adding that since that time Marwas condition has changed for the worse.

Actress Marwa was a resident of Abbasiya, the family of “Marwa” at first knocked on all the doors of mental health hospitals, so that her name was registered at Abbasiya Hospital for attending many sessions before 2013,

According to what her sister confirmed, passing through her presentation to a number of sheikhs and spiritual healers, due to the belief that she was afflicted with magic.

As for Marwas personal life later, she had never married before, but her marriage was concluded only before the contract was dissolved, according to her sister, who was reticent to tell the details of the story.

Marwa Compars Hajj Metwally set fire to her mother’s apartment. The mother of “Marwa” was the last lifeline for her to alleviate the impact of her bad psychological state, being the kind heart despite the actions she had done that might seem difficult towards her. Her sister remembered: “Marwa fell in love at home once, and for hours she was talking to herself, and she is real, fierce, and it is difficult for anyone to deal with her easily.”

As soon as her mother left, no one could control the “beautiful extras”, as her brother tried as much as he could, despite his circumstances, to support her in obtaining a pension, but she eventually became homeless on the street for about 8 years until someone took a picture of her smoking cigarettes.

A gift:
Marwa’s wage in Hajj Metwally was 50 pounds. “He who photographed her while she was drinking a cigarette did not mean to serve her.. All he thought about was fame and salvation.. What did he need to photograph her while she was drinking cigarettes?”

This is how the sister of the extra, Marwa Muhammad, criticized the way she appeared on the social media, because she felt oppressed by the comments of social media users from the way and performance of workers in the artistic community,

Especially since her sister does not associate her with anything with art. Her latest work is nothing but a silent scene in the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, for which she was charged only 50 pounds.

From here, “Heba” returned to confirm that her sister does not have any money, but that she is currently seeking to recover her monthly pension until she finds a source of livelihood to spend from it.

She said: “Her brother is in the same condition and she will get money from me. This was the extras that I took first for the last 50 pounds.”

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