A shocking report reveals how much the wealth of the 10 richest men has increased during the pandemic


and according charitable organization The ten richest men in the world, including Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk and Bill Gates, their fortunes are about 700 billion dollars, bringing their total wealth to 1.5 trillion dollars.

fortune increased Elon Musk By 1,000 percent, in contrast, Bill Gates’ wealth increased only by 30 percent.

وأضافت “Oxfam“The profits of those the rich Since the pandemic began, it has made them six times richer than the world’s poorest 3.1 billion people.

The organization pointed out that since March 2020, the world has recorded the emergence of a new billionaire almost every day, according to the British newspaper, The Independent.

Based on the numbers from the list”ForbesFor the 2021 Millionaires, Credit Suisse, and the World Bank, 160 million people were forced to live in poverty during the pandemic.

Oxfam called on governments to impose a one-time tax of 99 percent on billionaires in the world, and use the money to finance production. Vaccines earmarked for poor countries.

Such a tax would generate more than $800 billion, which could be directed to fund vaccination campaigns and other pandemic-related social spending, the organization said.

Oxfam also called on rich countries to waive intellectual property rules for Covid-19 vaccines, in order to expand their production.

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